Magnolia Market | Girls Weekend in Waco, TX

Fixer Upper fans, this is for you!

As most fans know, Chip and Joanna recently opened up the Magnolia Market, aka the Silos.

My mom and I love the show and I brought it up to her randomly one day that we should go see it! Sure enough, she called me and asked for some dates that worked and we booked a trip! My mom and I have not gone on a trip together since I was a little girl, so we were both looking forward to making more memories.

S  U  N  D  A  Y

Sunday morning we flew out of Orlando and into Dallas!

 I love following food bloggers and I heard about this cool restaurant called, True Food Kitchen. So, when I knew we were flying into Dallas, I just had to eat there. It was amazing. True Food Kitchen is a health-driven restaurant that uses nutrient-rich ingredients and has gluten-free, organic, vegetarian and vegan options on the menu as well.

They had everything you could imagine! For our appetizer, we could not quite decide on one, so we got two! We ordered the chargrilled cauliflower, which was bomb, and the edamame dumplings. That’s right. They tasted just as amazing as they sound! My mom ordered the ancient grain bowl for her meal, which had sweet potatoes, chicken, tons of veggies and quinoa. I ordered the seasonal ingredient salad, which had chicken, cauliflower, pomegranate seeds, butternut squash, brussels sprouts and white beans. SO GOOD. Oh, and kombucha to wash it all down of course!

After we ate, we walked around downtown Dallas, window shopped a bit and then got in our rental car and headed to Waco! It was about an hour and forty-five minuet drive to our Airbnb in Waco, so not bad! Whats a trip, without a little road trip?!

I have never stayed in one, but my mom was a seasoned Airbnb professional! I had no idea what to expect. Were these people weirdos? Ghetto? Perverts? Serial Killers? My imagination ran wild on the possibilities of who was behind that front door. We came to the house and no one was home and our host was not answering her messages. Now I was getting really worried. Then, she sent us the code to her garage. I thought, Oh gosh, this is it.

We were in the house for 30 minuets, checking for cameras, just in case, until our host came home! And you know what? She was completely normal and totally accommodating! Thank goodness. My mom was like, see! I told you this was gonna be okay! Mom’s know best right?

For dinner, we talked with our hosts and ate our leftovers from True Food Kitchen and soon after went to bed, excited for the next day!

M  O  N  D  A  Y

Rise and shine! Today we were going to see the Magnolia Market and my excitement was through the roof!

My mom and I got up, got dressed and went to go eat some breakfast at a restaurant called The Egg and I. Something we came to find out, was that there was not much to do besides the Magnolia Market in Waco. There were not a whole lot of restaurants or anything. So, we tried our best to find some good food to eat! Mission accomplished with this place. I had an egg white omelet with chicken, spinach and peppers with a side of fruit and my mom had a breakfast bowl full of eggs, sausage and a side of fruit.

After breakfast, we headed straight to the silos. It opened at 10 a.m. and it was already packed! Luckily, there was a free trolley that took you from a free parking lot, to the market and to other spots around downtown Waco. It was so easy to get around.

Walking around the silos was unreal. Chip and Jo truly had a vision for this place. If anyone has read their book, you know what I am talking about! They saw something old and random and made it into a place where people from all over the country can shop, eat, explore and play. I found a great sense of peace from being in that space. Being on the back lawn, taking a look back at the silos and the beautiful barn, it was so beautiful and peaceful.

I love it here.

My mom and I started off walking around the lawn and into the garden. There were tons of beautiful flowers, herbs and vegetables. In the garden area, was a cute green house and a seed + supply shop full of seeds, succulents and the cutest gardening accessories. If you love plants and gardening, this is plant heaven!

Then we checked out the rest of the outside! We had a great time walking around the lawn, sat on one of the swings, the bean bag chairs and then we got some green goodness juice from the Luna Juice food truck. There were a couple of different food trucks and they all looked amazing!

Outside was just half of the fun! Inside the barn was insane. Think of everything you love that Joanna decorates with and it was in there! You think about something and yup, you got it! She had it! There was a kitchen inside that was modeled after her go-to Fixer Upper aesthetic. White subway tile, floating shelves and of course, marble countertops with copper accents! Obsessed.

There was also an entire section of the barn that had candles, decor, rugs, Joanna’s own paint colors and of course, Chip had his own corner full of manly, “demo day” accessories. Gotta love Chip! My mom and I got matching Magnolia baseball tee’s and she got an iron cutout of the word, “family” in a beautiful script.

After we got our fix walking around the barn getting inspiration from every corner, we headed to the bakery! Yum. I was itching for a gluten-free chocolate chip cookie (my weakness) all week and of course, they had one! So I caved. My mom got a lavender + lemon cupcake and an almond pastry. All of these goodies were ah-mazing!

We took in the beauty of the silos for a little while longer and then we decided to head to some different shops in downtown Waco.

First stop, The Findery. This place was really cool! Full of some great decor pieces and a cute boutique in the back. After that, we went to the Spice Village. Essentially, this was a huge warehouse full of different shops. From clothing, accessories and home goods, this place was huge! I found some super cute things and I can see why people love going there.

My mom and I really wanted to go on a hike, so after we shopped we headed back to the car by trolley, went to our Airbnb house, got in our hiking gear and headed to Cameron Park! Our hosts were telling us about this stair care on the trail called, Jacobs Ladder, so we just had to go. These steps were super steep and it was definitely a great booty burner!

The trail was absolutely beautiful. We had no idea that there were so many hills or mountains in Texas! The trail was very fun, beautiful and my mom and I were totally loving it. She was totally in her element. On our hike, we actually ran into our Airbnb hosts on the hike and thank goodness because to be honest, I didn’t know if my mom and I’s sense of direction was going to get us off the trail in time for sun down!

After the hike, we climbed Jacobs Ladder one more time! Perfect way to end a great day together. After our hike, we wanted to eat something healthy for dinner, but since Waco is lacking in that department, we opted for Zoes Kitchen! Good enough for us! We had such an amazing day, many laughs and great memories were made. I am very thankful to have the mom that I do, because she is always positive, loving and supportive. Not to mention, always down to have fun and go on adventures!

T  U  E  S  D  A  Y

We slept in just a bit, got up, did a 10 minuet ab workout from our new fitness program we are doing together. We ate some breakfast, packed our bags and said goodbye to our fabulous Airbnb hosts. Before we officially left Waco, we went to the Mammoth National Park. This place was kind of cool and it was something neither of us had seen before! We stayed for just a little bit and then hit the road to Dallas.

Before our flight, we were determined to eat at True Food Kitchen again! Obviously, because it was amazing! This time, we got the cauliflower and the Thai, tofu lettuce cups for apps, and I got the same salad because I loved it and my mom got the vegan butternut squash pizza. Everything was amazing! I saved my leftovers for the plane ride home, because this girl is always hungry! Go figure. LOL!

After lunch, we said our goodbyes to Texas and headed back, wheels up to Orlando! This trip was one for the books! I am so thankful that my mom set up this trip for the two of us and I am so glad we got to spend some quality mother-daughter time. It was very much-needed!

I hope you all enjoy this post! I recommend everyone who loves Fixer Upper, go to see this beautiful place! It will blow you away.


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