Weekend Fun + Cauliflower Pizza Date Night In 

This past weekend, Andrew came to Gainesville to visit me before he makes the big move to sunny California!

He got into town late Friday night and we just watched a movie and went to sleep. Saturday morning we slept in (MUCH needed), made some breakfast and went to the gym together before we started our day. I am still getting over a cold, so I was so happy I was feeling up for a workout! After the gym,  Andrew wanted to help me clean my house and my room before we left for St. Augustine for the day!

He’s a keeper.

We had a great time in St. Augustine. He had never been, so I was excited to show him the quaint beach town that St. Augustine is. He fell in love!

The first place we went to, was the outlet mall surprisingly enough! Andrew is in the Navy so he is mostly in his uniform, but all of his other clothes are too small for him now since he has been in.

So, it was time to shop till we dropped!

He got all new pants and two new pairs of shoes that he was very excited about. I acted as his personal stylist, which was obviously my favorite part! Oh, and I got a jacket too. Can’t take me shopping and not expect me to find a new addition for my wardrobe!

After Andrew got his shopping fix in, we headed to the historic district of St. Augustine. First stop we went to, was Hyppo! This is seriously our favorite place to get a sweet treat. There are locations in Gainesville, so we usually go when he is in town. We tend to get the creamier flavors, but this time we wanted something fruity and fresh.

They came out with new natural juice flavors, so I tried the beet, pineapple and ginger and Andrew got the mango, pineapple one! They were delicious and it felt so good on my sore throat.

We walked around, saw some cool sites and then we got a pitcher of sangria before met up with his best friend, Andrew and his wife, Gabby! We went to a fun restaurant called, Sangria. We got a pitcher or red sangria (of course), and just had a good time together before we met up with our friends.

We had some dinner, drinks, laughs, good conversation and we headed back to Gainesville!

Sunday we slept in once again which was glorious, got ready for the day, ate a quick bite at Lucky’s Market and went to church! After church, we cleaned out his storage unit. This was fun for both of us because we went through a lot of his old stuff, also through his memory boxes which was cool for me to see what was sentimental to him!

We started out with about 7 boxes and by the end of it, we ended up with 3 big boxes, a skateboard, surfboard and some fishing poles. Talk about a surfer boy!

Later on we just relaxed, I did some homework and he did some last minuet errands before he headed back to base. This would be the last night we had to have a date night.

So, we decided to make Cauliflower Pizza!

Andy, being the hungry man that he is, persuaded me to make two pizzas. His + Hers, so we could both make our toppings the way we wanted it to be! I was totally okay with that! Lol.

This pizza was super simple to make and straight forward, but the crust was probably the most involved part. My biggest tip is to make sure that you get ALL the moisture out of it before you bake it. Alright, ready to get started? Here is what you will need.

Plus, it’s low carb, gluten + guilt free! Can’t get better than that!



+ 4 bags of cauliflower florets

+ 1 egg

+ 1/3 cup soft goat cheese

+ 1 tsp dried oregano

+ pink of salt

+ minced garlic


+ spinach

+ roasted bell peppers

+ goat cheese

+ green pepper

+ tomato

+ ricotta

+ red onion

+ chicken

+ balsamic drizzle


Preheat the oven to 400 degrees

Rice the cauliflower in a food processor

Cook riced cauliflower in a medium-sized pot for 5 minuets

Place cooked cauliflower in a dish rag and squeeze out the excess moisture ***Really squeeze the cauliflower to get all of the water out! Even when you think its all good, keep squeezing!

In a bowl, mix cauliflower, goat cheese, egg and spices

Mix until all ingredients are blended well

Line a baking sheet with parchment paper

Place dough on sheet and distribute evenly in an oval/rectangular shape

Bake dough for 35 – 40 minuets or until firm + golden brown

Place ricotta + goat cheese as the base

Add on the toppings of your choice

Bake for 10 – 15 minuets or until cheese is melted, let cool + enjoy!

This recipe was an absolute hit! Andrew approved, so that means we will definitely be making this recipe again. Plus, if you like cold pizza the next day, this does not disappoint.

I hope you all enjoy this recipe for your next date night-in with your man!


Corey Ann

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